Connecting With Your Tarot Deck.
For breaking a curse


Gather certain fallen twigs;
One of hazel, one of oak. One of elm, and one of willow; hold them to the fires smoke, say this softly, seven times all:

Turning be turned
Burner be burned;
Let only good
Come out of this wood.

Spit on each and break it small
Cast them in the fires mouth-
The curse will die with the fires death.

— Valerie Worth

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Other Examples of Symbolism


Apple - can mean love, knowledge, wisdom, joy, death, and/or luxury

Anchor – hope, steadfastness, salvation, stability, and/or tranquility

Arrow - a highly phallic image, evoking notions of piercing, penetrating masculinity, becoming the predominant symbol of the holy Father and of fathers in…

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Animal Creativity symbols


Animal Symbolism

Ant - diligence, industry, community, remarkable strength, hard working, success, patience

Badger – aggression, healing, architect

Bat - rebirth, longevity, joy, good luck, dreaming, union

Bear - gentle strength, dreaming, introspection, power, protection, healing

Beaver -…

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